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We’re working through several answers from the Hon Wayne Mapp, Minister of Research, Science and Technology, concerning questions posed by ACT about the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

Dr Mapp was asked on 19 Feb, 2010:

If only raw temperature data is supplied by NIWA to NASA, NOAA and the Hadley Centre, what additional information is supplied so that NASA, NOAA and the Hadley Centre are able to make their own judgements about temperature adjustments?

To which he answered:

Along with the raw data NIWA provides latitude, longitude, altitude of the site, period of record, along with information on site exposure and instrument history.

Why don’t the overseas agencies trust NIWA to make accurate adjustments? Have they found reasons to doubt they were made properly?

For that matter, why do NIWA mistrust the adjustments made by NASA, NOAA and the others? Why do they make their own?

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One Thought on “NIWA not trusted

  1. Barry Brill on 13/03/2010 at 2:26 pm said:

    Perhaps more pertinent – why do NIWA NASA and HadleyCRUT all disagree about the historical temperatures of New Zealand regions?

    NASA and HadleyCRUT figures for New Zealand are used to decide whether the South Pacific region, which is a large slice of the globe, has been warming. The results are used in IPCC reports and drive UN and other international policies.

    NIWA figures are used to justify NZ government policies at central, regional and local levels.

    But they are all different! Somebody must have it wrong.

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