Diatribe in EU Parliament AWFWY good

Good grief!

I’ve just come across this video of Godfrey Bloom, Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire. He was speaking in Strasbourg during the debate on the outcome of the Copenhagen summit on climate change when he gave this furious tirade against the belief in global warming.

The surprise for us was that, near the end, announcing that the New Zealand temperature database was “fraudulent”, he suddenly brandishes a copy of our report, Are we feeling warmer yet? It’s a dramatic moment!

So how about that, then?

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4 Thoughts on “Diatribe in EU Parliament AWFWY good

  1. Yeah – how about it?

    I am surprised you don’t wither with shame.

    Here is an idiot who claims Gore is a “crook”, Phil Jones is a “crook” and (on the basis of your discredited report) asserts our national climate data base is “fraudulent.”

    Leaving aside his claim that those who accept the scientific analysis dress like “scarecrows.”

    You should be apologising for that fact that your material is being used to make such defamatory assertions about our country.

    Not skiting. That’s childish.

    • Gore: an English judge found 36 errors in his film “An inconvenient truth”. They were not all accidental, which means he made stuff up and obscured the truth. Crook.

      Jones: found to have been in breach of British Freedom Of Information law. Only the passage of time protected him from prosecution. Crook.

      Our report has not been discredited, rather, NIWA has agreed to provide what it asks for.

      Our national climate database may or may not be fraudulent, but right now, nobody can say one way or the other because there is no evidence.

  2. So, Richard, you stand by this idiot and his slandering of New Zealand!?

    Not surprising – you are abetting people like him with your discredited report.

    • I’m simply proud that our little study made it around the world. Mr Bloom slanders nobody. He says fearlessly what is true.

      I say again that our report has not been discredited. In point of fact, NIWA have honoured it by agreeing to reconstruct the long-missing schedule of adjustments for the official national temperature record.

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