SckSckSck campaign

Well, enough, already! We finally got our dander up with all the fuss over the approaching Copenhagen conference and the New Zealand ETS. It’s all Sick, Sick, Sick.

Lots of people, including thousands of scientists, question whether global warming is occurring at all and, if it is, whether mankind is responsible. There is good evidence for their questions. The alarmists are doing their best to marginalise and exclude such people from participation in debating their future. The sceptics are accused of obstruction and even crimes against humanity. They have been bulldozed out of their jobs—a monstrous injustice. It is time to protest.

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So much nonsense is being bruited abroad without adequate coverage in the regular news media that it cries out for intervention. Even my coverage is better than nothing.

But more than that, there’s now a campaign backed by environmental organisations that emphasises time ticking down on the climate crisis. It’s aimed, of course, at Copenhagen and the world leaders who carry the responsibility for reaching an agreement to “save” the planet.

So here’s a counter-campaign and I’ll do my best to bring regular news as well.

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Our campaign is called “sckscksck” and it’s a protest against the “tcktcktck” campaign that seeks restrictions on our freedom and would withhold improvements from developing countries.

We strongly object to labelling carbon dioxide as a pollutant. We object to preventing people from using energy just because the process emits carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a plant food.

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