A godless generation

Completely OT: Auckland’s controversial Boobs on Bikes parade went ahead today, glorifying pornographer Steve Crow’s shameless self-promotion. More like Trollops on Trikes.

Nothing there I’d consider helpful for my small children (not that I have any left, but there are plenty in the city), and a great deal I consider harmful, leading to reduced self-respect. Especially among the girls, but it won’t help the boys either.

The law! Oh, can it get any more ironic, that the law—founded to protect the individual and society—after hundreds of years, “develops” into this: protecting the cynical commercialisation of sex and turning a blind eye to society’s innocents: children (and adults, too) with naive and hopeful expectations of their fellow citizens?

Not a powerful line of thought, Mr Crow, perhaps, in your empty, cardboard world; one you will easily discard. But modesty was always more powerful than cynicism and godless just a word for vacant.

The (female) judge was wise not to give the matter more attention and notoriety than it merited. But don’t look to our courts for help in shaping a good society; take up the cudgels for that battle yourselves.

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